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2nd March
written by Bstefan

Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social ChangeWith [[Alexander Laszlo]] I am co-editing a special issue on “The Fundamental Concept of Growth” for the Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change forthcoming in May 2011. It is dedicated to our last years anniversary of the Change the Game Initiative.

It still is a fascinating topic. Unfortunately the public hype about rethinking the fundamental concept of growth, which was created due to the financial and economic crises last year, is now flattening. But there is still a vast amount of material available (e.g. Growth in Transition) and sooner or later the topic will be on the decision makers agendas again, in organizations as well as in macro economics.

Personally I am more interested in rethinking organizational growth, but with a systemic perspective I believe we must be informed from a macro perspective and the interconnectedness of the macro and micro level as well.

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