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18th December
written by Bstefan

Within the upcoming EMCSR 2012 European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research in April 2012 in Vienna, Austria, the Change the Game Initiative invites you to be part of an exciting gathering, a symposium in co-operation with the InCo Movement and the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University:

“Enabling organizations for thrivability: New perspectives on form, structure and process in favor of human and societal prosperity.”


  • will be invited from the academic areas of natural, biological, social, and technological systems to enrich these knowledge realms.
  • will be invited from the practical areas of design, creative industries, integral development, management, experiential psycho-therapy, and applied social anthropology to inform and be-informed by each other’s perspectives.


This symposium invites the participation of creative transdisciplinary thinkers and practitioners from all fields of inquiry and practice. Thinkers, designers, practitioners and researchers with experience in the sciences of life, energy, matter, cognition, cosmology as well as the social sciences and the humanities are welcome. 

The reunion offers a unique opportunity to come together and share a variety of viewpoints on a broad range of issues relating to emergent patterns, processes and relationships of life and living systems. Our wish is to provide a playspace where we can jointly curate the emergence of more sustainable and even thrivable systems. (more…)

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24th May
written by Bstefan

April was indeed a great month. Next to the invitation from the 31st PODIM Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation “Driving forces of creating global ventures”, I also enjoyed an invitation from the InCo movement Slovenia on April 21st.

The International InCo Conference 2011 “THE POWER OF INNOVATIVE ECOSYSTEMS” was held in the the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia. This was the second opportunity to meet inspiring people in this extraordinary environment after our coop-event InCo/Change The Game initiative in the National Council 2010.

It was an honor to be amongst the speakers Violeta Bulc, MBA, Vibacom and INCO movement initiative; Blaž Kavčič,  President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia; Andreja Kodrin, Challenge: FUTURE; Madan Mohan Rao, P.Hd; David NordFors: Innovation Journalism; and many more. My talk on “The Conscious Need for Innovation and Design. Why Ethonomics is crucial locally and globally” is available at and

UPDATE: The Proceedings have been published online (ISBN 978-961-91806-1-7)

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2nd May
written by Bstefan

April was a great month. I visited Slovenia the second time. Together with my co-author and friend Prof. Thomas Wallner from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences I enjoyed an invitation from the 31st PODIM Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation “Driving forces of creating global ventures”. On April 21st our talk and paper on “Innovative entrepreneurship education: From aversion to excitement – how to win over students who see themselves as future employees” was well received.

The paper argues the necessity of new ways of educating entrepreneurship in an environment that is, and with students who are averse to entrepreneurship. We need to shift our focus from business administration or management responsibilities and tasks to the business innovation and design process, which is at the core and the critical success factor of every new venture. By offering learning designs that stimulate our students reasoning and touch their emotions, we strengthen their capabilities to express their desires and find radical innovations to meet unexpected desires of others. The paper summarizes the design of an ongoing learning experience that walks the talk and thus succeeds in bringing back the mojo to the class room; a class room which is transformed into an innovation hub by the students.

The paper describes this design in detail and reflects our personal learning experience with the prototyping of our own learning lab. Our most important learning: The design itself is not restricted to the class room environment. We have now elaborated a pattern language from this three years experience to transfer the design principles and methods to any venture design. I am looking forward to elaborate this pattern language further more and publish a field book in the near future.

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2nd March
written by Bstefan

Screenshot Website Katja Solka

I finished a client project last night:

Katja Solka – Physiotherapie – Osteopathie i.A. – Therapeutisches Yoga

Katja Solka ist Physiotherapeutin und Osteopathin in Ausbildung an der Wiener Schule für Osteopathie. Sie studierte Sportwissenschaften und Prävention in Leipzig und Wien. In ihrer Theraphie bietet sie nach 2jähriger Praxis in China auch eine Kombination von Osteopathie und Yoga an. 

Es sind die Begegnungen mit Menschen die das Leben lebenswert machen.
(Guy de Maupassant)

I think it looks pretty nice. Congratulations to Katja for her relaunched online presence. I should provide a website, which would be easy to use even for a technology objector 😉 Well, we will see in the future, if the decision to go for a WordPress Blog was the right decision. I hope we will read more about Katja, because she has an interesting and rich experience in her profession as a physiotherapist, osteopath and yoga teacher. And telling stories as well as listening to engaging ones might be one of our human´s natures 🙂 What we both have in common are our stories from China. She stayed for almost two years, for me it is only some days per year.

For my personal learning’s, this was an interesting project. I used WordPress the first time as a CMS rather than a blogging system. I expected it to work out faster than working with e.g. Joomla, which I really love to work with as an open source CMS. But unfortunately the German version of WordPress and the clients Austrian hosting provider puzzled me with a “utf8” encoding not working in ie8. The work around was simple though still inconvenient. Looking at the administrative interface I needed to set “utf8” for “encoding for pages and feeds” and all the German additional characters were readable, but ie8 destroyed the additional characters in the pages text. Erasing “utf8” for “encoding for pages and feeds” resulted in a readable text on the pages in ie8, but unreadable additional characters in the admin interface. Strange behavior. This reminded me, why I love to work with Dreamhost in all my usual projects. They simply rock 😉


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26th February
written by Bstefan

Repost from Mind at Focus Learning Lab

I recommend the book Gamestorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo. Actually I bought it (and read it), because of the title only. Being one of the co-founders of the Change the Game Initiative everything that has Game in its brand or title catches my eye, especially if the under title is “A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers.” Isn´t it a nice touch to find something in common with yourself and the products you purchase to impress others? :)

It is a comprehensive collection of the status quo of methods for creative processes, which should eventually lead to innovation (in most cases), for expert teams as well as some examples for large groups. I am not sure why the authors have taken on the metaphor of games and game design (so seriously) to explain the catalog of known and new methods, but it is a nice framing and a playful touch to the whole plot.

Nevertheless taking on another metaphor from music business: it is a great compilation and therefore a book you should read or at least arrange it on your shelf ;-) . Giving the idea of having something in common a second thought, I agree with the authors: The future of work will be more human …

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