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18th December
written by Bstefan

Please enjoy this innovative narrative of an old story, even if you are not part of this special cultural heritage of the past or the present, you might be part of the shared future cultural heritage in a connected world. This is the 2.0 digital story of nativity:

The first person who showed it to me, was one of my students. So, thank you all for sharing, co-creating, co-inspiring, and co-surfing the edges of chaos with me 😉 May the next year 2012 be as exciting as the still current. I am looking forward to the next adventures and serious games with curiosity and playfulness. To all my family, friends, colleagues, students, customers, business partners, networkers, and every sentient being, HAPPY holidays.

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19th April
written by Bstefan

YOU are at a party and the person in front of you is not really listening to you. Yes, she is murmuring occasional assent to your remarks, or nodding at appropriate junctures, but for the most part she is looking beyond you, scanning in search of something or someone more compelling.

Here’s the funny part: If she is looking over your shoulder at a room full of potentially more interesting people, she is ill-mannered. If, however, she is not looking over your shoulder, but into a smartphone in her hand, she is not only well within modern social norms, but is also a wired, well-put-together person.

Add one more achievement to the digital revolution: It has made it fashionable to be rude.

Funny to read, Ahem! Are You Talking to Me? (Or Texting?) – sadley I know some of those people and I still call them my friends 😉

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16th April
written by Bstefan

I like this prezi by Tarundeep Singh Bhatia very much, especially because of the tips for kids and parents. And as friend asked me seriously when to buy a computer for his 8 year old kid, it is not only a question when, but more for what reason and how to use it, hopefully TOGETHER!

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2nd March
written by Bstefan

Screenshot Website Katja Solka

I finished a client project last night:

Katja Solka – Physiotherapie – Osteopathie i.A. – Therapeutisches Yoga

Katja Solka ist Physiotherapeutin und Osteopathin in Ausbildung an der Wiener Schule für Osteopathie. Sie studierte Sportwissenschaften und Prävention in Leipzig und Wien. In ihrer Theraphie bietet sie nach 2jähriger Praxis in China auch eine Kombination von Osteopathie und Yoga an. 

Es sind die Begegnungen mit Menschen die das Leben lebenswert machen.
(Guy de Maupassant)

I think it looks pretty nice. Congratulations to Katja for her relaunched online presence. I should provide a website, which would be easy to use even for a technology objector 😉 Well, we will see in the future, if the decision to go for a WordPress Blog was the right decision. I hope we will read more about Katja, because she has an interesting and rich experience in her profession as a physiotherapist, osteopath and yoga teacher. And telling stories as well as listening to engaging ones might be one of our human´s natures 🙂 What we both have in common are our stories from China. She stayed for almost two years, for me it is only some days per year.

For my personal learning’s, this was an interesting project. I used WordPress the first time as a CMS rather than a blogging system. I expected it to work out faster than working with e.g. Joomla, which I really love to work with as an open source CMS. But unfortunately the German version of WordPress and the clients Austrian hosting provider puzzled me with a “utf8” encoding not working in ie8. The work around was simple though still inconvenient. Looking at the administrative interface I needed to set “utf8” for “encoding for pages and feeds” and all the German additional characters were readable, but ie8 destroyed the additional characters in the pages text. Erasing “utf8” for “encoding for pages and feeds” resulted in a readable text on the pages in ie8, but unreadable additional characters in the admin interface. Strange behavior. This reminded me, why I love to work with Dreamhost in all my usual projects. They simply rock 😉


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